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The California School Facility Manufacturers' Association (SFMA) is a select group of portable classroom manufacturers and organizations who provide support and components toward the manufacture of portable classrooms that are the California Division of the State Architect (DSA) approved and meet California Field Act Standards.

The California DSA Office of Regulation Services has suggestions for school districts to expedite the review process when submitting school facility construction projects.

SFMA portable classrooms meet California Field Act standards as well. The Field Act passed shortly after the 1933 Long Beach Earthquake to protect students by requiring that public schools meet stricter construction inspection and structural standards. The Field Act is referenced in five California Education Code provisions. Sections 17280-17316 and Sections 39140-39159 apply to relocatable classrooms.

The purpose of SFMA is to:

If you are a manufacturer of portable classrooms or serve the industry, you are encouraged to come to one of our meetings and become familiar with SFMA.

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